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Welcome to my little lair where I broadcast my art, love for the old web, and worship peak 90s/00s culture.
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*~+ About Me +*~

Get to know the girl behind the screen with a list of my interests, music taste, hobbies, and fun facts!

*~+ Journal +*~

My online journal where I write about my daily thoughts and occurrences

*~+ Thrift Hauls +*~

Features my monthly 90s/ y2k purchases from the web and in-stores

*~+ Polaroids +*~

Shots taken by me throughout the USA.
Shot with a Polaroid 600 camera and Polaroid Originals film

+*~ The Word Garden +*~

My original "poetry" and other ramblings of my mind

*~+ That's My Jam +*~

Lyrics from some wicked sweet tunes

*~+ Videos +*~

Retro videos mostly from the 90s/ y2k.
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*~+ My Graphics Collection+*~

My collection of beloved blinkies/ graphics from around the web.
Some buttons also lead to other links

*~+ Awards +*~

Awards that I've won from other net users!

+*~ Guestbook +*~

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*~+ Links +*~

Sites that I adore + my archive section!

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